Yesterday, while perusing the internet, a friend and I discovered a new [to us] drink, kalimotxo (kal-uh-mote-cho). As exotic as the name sounds it is just a simple blend of red wine and cola served over ice. Since we were already getting together for a pot of chili and front yard bonfire we knew it was the perfect excuse to try it out. She brought over a bottle of the timeless classic, Coca-Cola, and I pulled out a bottle of Cabernet (one of the few remaining from our overstock after the wedding). While some recipes mentioned adding a tablespoon of orange juice or a garnish of lemon slice or lime wedge, we went for the minimalist approach and opted just for the cola and vino (not surprisingly, this drink is also called cocavino). Since it was later in the evening and I tend to have a somewhat ridiculous caffeine intolerance we measured 3 ounces of Cabernet topped with 1 ounce of Coke. If it was an afternoon occasion I would have upped the cola to match equal parts with the wine but if I had any hopes of sleeping before 2:00am (and I really did!) I had to skimp for now. We used a mixture of ice cubes sizes and shapes from the assortment of options that my ice trays provide (am I the only person left that does not have an ice maker in the freezer door?) and a quick stir with a spoon and voila! It was exactly what you would expect, a slightly sweet, lightly bubbly and somewhat dry cocktail perfect for any occasion. We used acrylic stemless wine glasses since we were heading outdoors but I would recommend serving in a vintage tumbler or fancy highball for maximum enjoyment. Cheers!

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