Maximize Your Wardrobe

I can’t take credit for the idea behind today’s post because the idea was gifted to me by one of my very lovely (and stylish) coworkers. Somehow we got started talking about closets and hangers and organizing and picking out work clothes and outfits and well, you know how these things go. But in any case, she told me that every day she takes a picture of her outfit. Ta-dah! Groundbreaking, right? I know, I know, pretty simple stuff. The idea of this has been around for a while and even predates ::gulp:: selfies. Remember Clueless when Cher takes Polaroids of her outfits? We’re basically doing a 2013 version of that.

So why does she, and now I, and hopefully soon, you do this? It allows you to maximize the full potential of your closet. Just snap a photo of yourself every morning before you leave the house or when you get to work. Make sure it’s in a full length mirror (you gotta get the shoes) and it’s well lit, and then add the photo to a separate album on your phone. In a few weeks time you’ll have a complete log of all of your most recent outfits. This serves two very different purposes: 1) it will prevent you from duplicating outfits and 2) it will allow you to replicate an outfit. You see what I did there? When you’re feeling adventurous you can look back and see what you’ve worn a bit too often and what two pieces you’ve never combined. And on mornings when you’ve over slept or have a meeting with the boss you take a quick glance at your ‘catalog’ and find the exact outfit you need in a breeze. And on top of that, if you’ve been combining the same 10 items in the same 5 ways, seeing the redundancy may push you to combine those 10 things in 10 ways or maybe 20! Switch the belt, the shoes, the shirt, the cardigan, the pants, the skirt, the possibilities are endless (well, almost).

Isn’t this genius?!

People use logs every day in so many ways, and while I know the potential benefits from keeping such a log, I’ve never brought myself to start. Well that is changing. Today I log my outfits and maybe tomorrow I’ll log my sleep cycles or meals (now that’s a scary thought). I hope you try to log your outfits this week (or you can log your workouts or cocktails or poop or whatever). We can learn so much just from watching ourselves!

Below are my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) entries from today and yesterday. Cheers!



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