Oh Christmas Gifts, Oh Christmas Gifts, How Lovely Are Your Antics

Despite my depressing decent salary, I live in a perpetual state of brokeness. It just seems like there is always something to devote my money to (this past year: wedding, honeymoon, vacations, pool party, buying a house) so during times of the year when gifting is required I’m always slightly depressed.

Here’s the thing, I’m a Christmas junkie. I have Christmas socks, I listen to Christmas music as soon as the radio plays it, I must watch a Christmas movie every year, I love Christmas parties and Christmas cookies and, well, you get my drift. One of my particularly favorite things about Christmas is buying people gifts. I like to think I have a knack for it (although this has never been confirmed by a recipient) and I just get so much joy from it! Hence why every year I spend the weeks and days leading up to the big day tormented with endless thoughts and ideas and anxieties on how to best stretch such a meager budget to cover everyone.

Well this year, last night actually, husband and I got in an argument over my gift giving zeal. He claimed that we don’t need to buy gifts for people because we’re saving to buy a house. While this is true, I couldn’t help but feel guilty that we continue to go out for lunches and dinners and nights on the town but now we shouldn’t be spending money on others?? While he made a good point, “Christmas isn’t about stuff, it’s about spending time with people,” I couldn’t help but plead that for me, Christmas = giving presents.

So alas, Christmas is 13 days away and I will continue to do my best stressing thinking about how to brighten a friend or family member’s day with a little gift that I hope they enjoy. After all, Christmas isn’t about giving people stuff, it’s about love and joy and happiness. So I apologize in advance if you get something cheesy or off your list, but just remember it probably gave your gift giver joy or happiness to give it you, and that’s what the holiday spirit is all about. Cheers!


Last year’s Christmas gifts ^


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