Closet: Before & After

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? I’ve always been a sucker for one, regardless of if it’s on a person, a room, a piece of furniture, etc. I always find so much satisfaction in seeing something new and beautiful come from something old and ordinary. It’s for these reasons that when I first heard some whisperings about a friend’s closet makeover I was more than intrigued.

It happened just a few weeks ago when we somehow got on the subject. My friend had recently replaced all of her clothes hangers with space-saving suit hangers and was delighted with the results. She went on to tell me that she got a great deal on the hangers from Costco and now her life was perfect (well she may not have said that, but that’s what I heard). Well I took the bait, and before I knew it, was hooked on the idea.

It only took a week or two to coordinate our trip to the warehouse super store for my splurge. I had already estimated that I had about 70 white plastic hangers on my side of the closet so I bought two packs ($10.89 for 35 hangers) . These hangers can be found almost anywhere but if you’re doing a major overhaul I would shop around first and find the best price so you don’t end up spending too much.

Coincidentally, my husband was sick in bed on the night of my project which meant that I had a skeptical audience standing by for my much-anticipated closet makeover. I meticulously took each garment from their white plastic confinements, tried smoothing out the awful indentations left from the previous hanger and arranged them perfectly on their new, non-slip, black velvet surface. After about two hours, I had a pile of unwanted clothes (why do I still have this plaid halter mini dress with paint on it?!) and an even bigger pile of unwanted hangers.

I don’t know if I saved more space from the hangers, the purge, or a combination of both, however I do know that the result is so aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated that it was worth every penny. When I was finished my skeptic even asked when I was going to do his side of the closet next!

I would recommend this type of closet makeover for anyone sharing space or living small. Even if you have all of the space in the world, you may consider switching over anyways, your cardigans will thank you. Cheers!

Here are some of the before photos:


My side of the closet is everything to the right of the black hangy thing.


Close up (pardon the flash, it was already dark when I started): scarves overflowing from their hangers, white plastic nightmares abound, my heels stashed against the wall.

And now the after:


Ahhhh, so simple and streamlined. Shoes and scarves neatly in the front, followed by bottoms, tops and jackets.


Close up with new hangers!


And finally a comparison shot, take note of the ugly white hangers residing on the left side!


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