New Year

As this year winds to a conclusion many blog entries and Facebook posts either look to recap the past year or look forward to make promises for the new year. I find both of these to be an important part of the process, but I think there is another New Year component that deserves equal attention, the traditions.

I am from a family that never had many holiday traditions. Growing up in Wisconsin but now residing in Florida, I never identified solely with the culture or customs of just one region. I also grew up in a secular household and was unaware of many religious practices regarding holidays. It’s probably for reasons like these that particular traditions (like eating black eyed peas on New Years Day) were completely lost on me until recently.

The origin of traditions like this are interesting to learn, however recognizing them and keeping them going is more important. This year, even if you don’t know why, drink champagne, write a resolution, listen to Old Lang Syne and eat black eyed peas. Maybe doing these things will bring you closer to other people that practice their own traditions. Cheers!

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