A Schooltime Tradition

While perusing the internet today I was reminded of my favorite school-time tradition as a kid, cleaning our desks. I’m sure that sounds like a very mundane task but to a 7 year old it was magical!

You see, back then we were assigned to one desk for the entire school year and they were the best. They were old with dinged and cracked wooden tops, probably leftovers from the 70s, with the lift up access to the steel storage bin where we hid our books and crayons (and occasionally a soggy PB + J). Every few months our teacher would bring in a few cans of shaving cream and old towels and walk throughout the room coating everyone’s desk in a thin layer of white foam. We would swirl it, draw in it and rub it all over hands while supposedly freeing the desktops from their scribbles and slime. After a few minutes we had to wipe it away but for those moments it was the most fun getaway from the monotony of the classroom. I still remember the musky, dad-smell of the shaving cream and the feeling of it in my hands.

Memories are cool.

Alright, alright, enough of the nostalgia. I hope you have a great day, cheers!

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