Maximize Your Wardrobe

I can’t take credit for the idea behind today’s post because the idea was gifted to me by one of my very lovely (and stylish) coworkers. Somehow we got started talking about closets and hangers and organizing and picking out work clothes and outfits and well, you know how these things go. But in any case, she told me that every day she takes a picture of her outfit. Ta-dah! Groundbreaking, right? I know, I know, pretty simple stuff. The idea of this has been around for a while and even predates ::gulp:: selfies. Remember Clueless when Cher takes Polaroids of her outfits? We’re basically doing a 2013 version of that.

So why does she, and now I, and hopefully soon, you do this? It allows you to maximize the full potential of your closet. Just snap a photo of yourself every morning before you leave the house or when you get to work. Make sure it’s in a full length mirror (you gotta get the shoes) and it’s well lit, and then add the photo to a separate album on your phone. In a few weeks time you’ll have a complete log of all of your most recent outfits. This serves two very different purposes: 1) it will prevent you from duplicating outfits and 2) it will allow you to replicate an outfit. You see what I did there? When you’re feeling adventurous you can look back and see what you’ve worn a bit too often and what two pieces you’ve never combined. And on mornings when you’ve over slept or have a meeting with the boss you take a quick glance at your ‘catalog’ and find the exact outfit you need in a breeze. And on top of that, if you’ve been combining the same 10 items in the same 5 ways, seeing the redundancy may push you to combine those 10 things in 10 ways or maybe 20! Switch the belt, the shoes, the shirt, the cardigan, the pants, the skirt, the possibilities are endless (well, almost).

Isn’t this genius?!

People use logs every day in so many ways, and while I know the potential benefits from keeping such a log, I’ve never brought myself to start. Well that is changing. Today I log my outfits and maybe tomorrow I’ll log my sleep cycles or meals (now that’s a scary thought). I hope you try to log your outfits this week (or you can log your workouts or cocktails or poop or whatever). We can learn so much just from watching ourselves!

Below are my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) entries from today and yesterday. Cheers!



The Theater, The Theater, What Happened to the Theater

Saturday afternoon Shayne (husband) and I had the pleasure of going to see a play at our local theater as part of the Broadway Across America tour. This was only our second time going to the theater together, and this time it was for a stage adaptation of one of my favorite 80’s movies, Flashdance. While I was obviously beside myself with excitement, you could tell that all Shayne had was skepticism and doubt. My sister and brother-in-law bought us the tickets as repayment for house sitting and watching their cats during their most recent vacation. Listen to me people, if someone ever offers to buy you a ticket to a Broadway play, you say yes!

It was actually somewhat disheartening, at our show we were quite possibly the youngest (and obviously hippest) people there. The median age must have been 52 with the median household income probably in the six figures. Shows like this are big productions and cost a lot, therefore justifying the ticket prices, but why does that mean only the old and rich get to go? I wish they had a special price for anyone under the age of 30.

Anyway, it was a wonderful show. The main performer, playing Alex, was the epitome of talent. She was a great singer, gifted dancer and overall wonderful entertainer. The whole cast was really amazing. I can’t sing or dance, let alone do both at the same time. It simply amazes me that some people possess so much skill. Sigh. Anyway, it was so good that even Shayne (the skeptic) enjoyed it! He was impressed with the set design and their ability to switch scenes and transform the stage so quickly and seamlessly (did I also mention that this is Flashdance and they totally rocked the water splash scene???).

Well any way, this post was share with you a bit of my weekend and to challenge you to get out there and go to the theater! Cheers.


Muesli to the Rescue!

I would like to introduce you to my latest breakfast best bud, muesli (mooz-lee). I stumbled across my first muesli recipe a few years back on a healthy living blog that was so overzealous it made plain old oatmeal sound like the breakfast of gluttons and sinners. Muesli is a Swiss creation (also popular in Germany) that is a meal of uncooked oats with dried fruits and nuts incorporated. Apparently this breakfast delight was the brainchild of a physician that needed a healthy option for his recovering hospital patients. Alas, necessity does really breed innovation.

Anyway, after reading the recipe, and a special trip to Whole Foods to buy the surprisingly lengthy list of ingredients, I followed the directions and made a batch. It was pretty tasty. I probably made three or four meals worth and enjoyed them all but then forgot the whole concept for some time. That is, until this week.

Let’s flashback to last week on Thanksgiving day. My husband and I went to his parents house for a Thanksgiving feast with some of his extended family. Nearly immediately on arriving, his cousin presented me with a package of Qi’a (a self proclaimed ‘superfood’ according to the package) knowing that I am a vegetarian and ostensibly the healthiest person she knows. She went on to say she tried it and it was really gross but after spending more than $10 on a 8oz package she didn’t want to toss it. Well I tried it Tuesday morning for breakfast, following the instructions:

Mix 2 tbsp. of cereal with 4-5 tbsp. of milk or milk substitute, stir; wait 5 minutes for the Chia seeds to soak and enjoy…

Well I was already skeptical, was this package suggesting that I eat 2 tablespoons of cereal for breakfast?! Clearly they don’t know me and my breakfast needs! Well, I followed the directions, mixed the perfect ratios, and ‘enjoyed it’ per the instructions (I will say it did expand a little but not into a full portion of breakfast cereal). I hate to say it, but it was not good. I love eating well. In fact, I have noticed that if I know something is good for me it automatically tastes better. This, despite it’s superfoody-ness, it’s high price tag, and the package boasting omegas and proteins and fiber (oh my!), I knew I still could not eat it again.

Enter muesli, my breakfast bff. Here’s what I have learned from my first muesli experience: you don’t need a fancy recipe or a trip to your local health food store. Muesli = oatmeal + whatever you want = delicious. So, now I have weird breakfast stuff that looks like bird seed and some raw oats in the cupboard. Well I combined a half cup of oats, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of my Qi’a and a handful of raisins. I added about 1/4 cup of milk and let it sit for 5 minutes. Did I mention that I brought the oats and cinnamon to work and then mixed everything else at my desk while I checked my work email and got ready for the day? Right before I was ready to eat I topped it with 1 tablespoon of local honey (great for people with allergies) and voila! Yummy breakfast.

I recommend everyone try to mix up a quick bowl (or batch?!) next time you’re out of bagels or instant oatmeal packets. It’s great for the summertime (or even on warm winter mornings like we have here in Florida) because you eat it cold. It’s great on the go if you put it in a mason jar. It’s great with honey, agave, dried fruit, pepitas, almonds, flax-seed, etc.

Enjoy your muesli!

P.S. This is the weird stuff that was given to me (in hindsight I see you can sprinkle it on salads or in yogurt instead of soaking it in milk).



Yesterday, while perusing the internet, a friend and I discovered a new [to us] drink, kalimotxo (kal-uh-mote-cho). As exotic as the name sounds it is just a simple blend of red wine and cola served over ice. Since we were already getting together for a pot of chili and front yard bonfire we knew it was the perfect excuse to try it out. She brought over a bottle of the timeless classic, Coca-Cola, and I pulled out a bottle of Cabernet (one of the few remaining from our overstock after the wedding). While some recipes mentioned adding a tablespoon of orange juice or a garnish of lemon slice or lime wedge, we went for the minimalist approach and opted just for the cola and vino (not surprisingly, this drink is also called cocavino). Since it was later in the evening and I tend to have a somewhat ridiculous caffeine intolerance we measured 3 ounces of Cabernet topped with 1 ounce of Coke. If it was an afternoon occasion I would have upped the cola to match equal parts with the wine but if I had any hopes of sleeping before 2:00am (and I really did!) I had to skimp for now. We used a mixture of ice cubes sizes and shapes from the assortment of options that my ice trays provide (am I the only person left that does not have an ice maker in the freezer door?) and a quick stir with a spoon and voila! It was exactly what you would expect, a slightly sweet, lightly bubbly and somewhat dry cocktail perfect for any occasion. We used acrylic stemless wine glasses since we were heading outdoors but I would recommend serving in a vintage tumbler or fancy highball for maximum enjoyment. Cheers!